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Top Player Council Thoughts

This week the meta has continued to adapt to the changes caused by the Forbidden/Limited list and the Clash of Wings Mini Box. The box introduced Fur Hires which has already had impressive showings in tournaments and the meta seems to be forming around this new deck.

Tier 1

Amazoness remain in Tier 1 once again but are joined by two different decks this week, Masked Heroes and the new Fur Hires. Amazoness have continued to be represented in the top cuts of tournaments and are still having a huge influence on the meta with almost every main or side deck including Loading... to counter Loading... . Fur Hires have also had a huge influence on the meta since their introduction seeing cards like Loading... and Loading... being used much more to attempt to disrupt their first summon. Despite these counter cards being used, Fur Hires have dominated in tournaments this week making up 9 of the top 16 decks in DLPT18. Masked Heroes have made the jump up to Tier 1 this week thanks, partially, to their favoured match up against Fur Hires, using their versatility and power to run the disruptive tech cards and quickly over power those weaker Fur Hire plays. It has also held on to most of its speed despite the semi-limit on Loading... .

TPC comments

Amazoness is arguably the best deck. The deck has no real counters and has a lot of room for techs. Loading... is still the best 1 card starter in the game.