Spellbooks Breakdown


The box set Visions of Ice included two new archetypes, most notably being Spellbooks. The deck's main focus is controlling the board which is done by consistently being able to use Spellbook of Fate every turn to disrupt any play your opponent tries to make. Because of Spellbook of Secrets and Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, the deck is very consistent as these cards give the player access to nearly their entire deck. Once Spellbooks are able to make a board, especially with Silent Magician, they can consistently keep their advantage and make it extremely difficult for their opponent to win.

Deck Statistics

Average size: 20 cards

Top Cards
Duel Links Card: Spellbook%20Magician%20of%20Prophecy
Duel Links Card: Spellbook%20of%20Secrets
Duel Links Card: Spellbook%20of%20Fate
Duel Links Card: Spellbook%20of%20Power
Duel Links Card: Spellbook%20of%20Eternity
3x in 100% 3x in 100% 2x in 100% 1x in 100% 1x in 100%

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Sample Deck

King of Games – November 13, 2019 – BLANK

Extra Information

  • Setting up your graveyard so Spellbook of Fate's 3rd effect is activatable is very important, use these combos on your first turn to have Fate ready.
  • Starting with Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and Secrets:
  • Summon > Search Library Crescent > Activate Library Crescent (Choose Secrets, Fate, and Eternity) > Activate Secrets search Master > Activate Master copy Secrets search Fate
  • Starting with Secrets:
  • Activate Secrets search Spellbook Magician of Prophecy > Summon > Search Master > Activate Master copy Secrets search Fate/Graveyard Fuel (Power/Organization).
  • Spellbook Organization in your opponent's End Phase is a great way to search for your Silent Magician.