Tier List

Updated weekly by The Top Player Council, the best-performing players every 3 months.

Tier List Update: April 12, 2021

  • Onomat was promoted to Tier 2.
  • Evil Eye was added to Tier 3.
  • Fire King was added to Tier 3.
  • Cyber Dragon was added to Tier 3.
  • Blue-Eyes was demoted to Tier 2.

Forbidden/Limited List Changes: March 8, 2021

  • 1 card was added to the Limited 1 List.
  • 2 card was added to the Limited 2 List.
  • 1 card was moved to the Limited 3 List.
  • 1 card was removed from the Forbidden/Limited List.

Latest Set Release: March 31, 2021

The Mini Box "Sign of Harpies" was released, introducing the F.A. archetype and adding support for the Harpie, Ninja, and B.E.S Archetypes.

Tier 1

Expected to be a large percentage of the top cut in an MCS or KC Cup.*

Star Seraph Darklords Last updated: yesterday

Tier 2

Expected to be in the top cut of an MCS or KC Cup, but not a large percentage.*

Blue-Eyes Last updated: today
Onomat Last updated: yesterday

Tier 3

Expected to be played in an MCS or KC Cup, with the possibility of being in the top cut.*

Cyber Dragon Last updated: today
Evil Eye Last updated: 2 days ago
Fire King Last updated: 3 days ago
Harpies Last updated: today

* The Meta Championship Series (MCS) is the largest, most competitive monthly event. Top cut in an MCS means reaching Top 32 with a minimum win-rate of 71%. KC Cups are the most competitive in-game event. Top cut in a KC Cup means reaching Top 100 Global, usually with a winrate of 55+% over 200+ games.

This is an automatically updated snapshot of the meta, using data from DLM Tournaments, KC Cups, and the King of Games ladder.

Tier 1

The most successful decks currently, with power levels ranging from 12 to 25.*

Blue-Eyes Power: 22.4

Tier 2

Decks with power levels between 5 and 12.*

Harpies Power: 9.5
Onomat Power: 8.6

Tier 3

Decks with power levels between 3 and 5.*

Cyber Dragon Power: 3.8
Fire King Power: 3.7

* The power rankings are computed based on each deck's placings in DLM events, KC cups, and the King of Games ladder. The more competitive and the more recent the event, the more points each deck type earns for placing well in it. The exact power score for a deck type is normalized by taking a deck type's total power and dividing it by the cumulative power of all decks, so a deck with a power score of 5 comprises 5% of the current format's total power.