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Top Player Council

Current Member Profiles - Season 4 (Season 5 begins January 1st)

The Top Player Council have earned their title through being the top ranked players of the season. They accumulate points which are tracked on the Meta Ladder.

Click each picture to read more about our Top Player Council members!

1st: tomvdelzen 2nd: Kcful 3rd: wayne kenoff 4th: ShinySopheon
5th: Eugen Heidt 6th: Jason 7th: Mistilteinn 8th: Flips
9th: Luke Tyler 10th: Sasuke 11th: SocalsFinest 12th: BlackJesus
13th: Rafa 14th: zaidking 15th: monkeyboy44 16th: SDotAkuma
Manager: superforms

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