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Limited List Update and Skill Rebalance

After the 2018 Regional Representative Qualifier, Konami announced a large update to the limited list as well as a large selection of skills that will be rebalanced. The updates are set to go into effect between June 17th and 20th with the next update. They will become mandatory on June 26th. The Top Player Council has reviewed the updates and have responded.

Thoughts on the New Forbidden & Limited List

Kaki says:

Over all pretty good hits but Spellbooks should be on this List with Spellbook of Fate or Something else aswell.

All Day says:

I am so excited for the future of the meta, the cards they posted will impact a ton of top decks and make people have to be more versatile in their building.

MiguelJoker says:

I agree with everything just should be like 3 Rose Lover 3 Sylvan Marshalleaf so people would have to use 1 Rose Lover and 2 Marshalleaf for example.

Whybona says:

Most of the changes are positive here but I think that some of them were a bit over the top. They have done a good job with hitting Massivemorph with it being such a huge part of many decks which just try to stop your opponent playing (stall) and hitting cards like Secret Pass to the Treasure is also positive in decreasing the consistency of OTK decks. However, I think that the other changes weren’t as positive. The hit on Sylvans is too harsh as it now imo makes the deck completely unplayable at a top level, I think a more balanced change would have been semi limiting {Rose Lover and World Carrotweight Champion rather than Sylvan Marshalleaf. The hit on Amazoness and Masked Heroes are fair but the negative aspect of these changes comes from econ being hit too since now none of the 3 aforementioned decks can run Enemy Controller in conjunction with their main cards. I also don’t agree with their reasoning to make these changes which is stated as ‘to promote deck diversity’, changes to a ban list should be made to balance broken decks and not just promote diversity imo.

Kayoh says:

Massivemorph - Very good news, a crucial stall card limited. Along with the Extra, Extra and Destiny Draw nerf, stall decks should become less relevant.

Secret Pass to the Treasure/Assault Armor - I didn’t see silent magician enough for it to actually bother me, but any hits to cancer decks is a thumbs up in my books.

Hiro’s Shadow Scout - mill isn’t relevant in the meta right now but still a welcomed nerf for the future.

Enemy Controller - Long awaited nerf. Hurts Heroes a bit as they won’t be able to pack any since Desinty HERO - Celestial is also semi-limited. Major hit to Sylvans as it has 2 more of its crucial cards semi-limited as well, sylvan players will go back to running counter traps. Won’t be playabe in Amazoness decks as Amazoness Onslaught is also semi-limited, and you will need to pack 2 Onslaughts. Overall a good change for the meta imo.

Rose Lover/Sylvan Marshalleaf - As much as I’d hate to say it, I think Konami hit Sylvans too hard. It’s going from tier 1 to off the tier list. A better balance nerf might have been {Rose Lover and World Carrotweight Champion instead.

Cyber Petit Angel - As if Machine Angel Dakini/Cyber Angel Dakini being limited wasn’t bad enough for the deck.. pretty random nerf as CA isn’t relevant atm. This tells me that Konami anticipate CA to rise again after they nerfed Econ and/or they’re adding more CA cards soon.

Pulse Mines - Really powerful card when Geargias was around, but didn’t expect to see it on the nerf list since Geargias wasn’t relevant in the meta nor the wcq.

Desinty HERO - Celestial - Celestial at 2 isn’t a huge deal as Destiny HERo - Dangerous can send it to the GY, the bigger issue is not being able to play Econs with it. I don’t see ppl playing 1/1, Celestial is too important to not play the max you can. But we’ve seen Heroes top tournaments running only 1 econ, so it’s not a core card and heroes will still likely remain a top tier deck.

aaand finally. Red-Eyes Spirit no longer limited is huge news! Along with the Posthumous Army and the merciless Sylvan kill, expect REZ king to be back!

kwrowe says:

I think it will be good for the game. After the RRQ where many people played 300+ games I think the format needs a shake up and this will do that.

Sylvans - won’t be on the tier list anymore in my opinion. Rose Lover and Sylvan Marshalleaf are integral to the deck and only being allowed one copy of each reduces the decks power so much. Beyond that they are also prevented from playing Enemy Controller because of how the ban list works. Attacking into a face-down Sylvan Komushroomo no longer seems as scary as it once was.

Amazoness - The main problem will be not being able to use Enemy Controller. However, I do think the deck will be able to find a way around this. as there are a number of viable replacements including Forbidden Chalice, Offerings to the Doomed and Super Rush Headlong.

Spellbooks - Not hit at all in terms of cards. Hurt slightly by the skill change but that will be mentioned later.

Heroes - Against Destiny HERO - Celestial moving down to 2 will hurt the deck because Enemy Controller is now essentially band for the deck. However, as with Amazoness there are quick-play replacements and the deck does not really rely on Enemy Controller so to speak, even if it was a nice versatile card for the deck. If anything, Heroes barely being hit make them the real winner.

REZ - Red-Eyes Spirit returns from the dead. This means that REZ will still be allowed to play 2 Enemy Controllers. However, it is hard to see how this deck will move beyond T3. Firstly, much of the decks strategy did rely on enemy controller which has been reduced to 2. Furthermore, Heroes still completely dominates the deck with its speed.

AndyTsang says:

Spellbooks untouched

Heroes still good. No Enemy Controller is a bigger loss than 3rd Destiny - HERO Celestial but i expect the deck to still be good.

Amazoness losing 1 Amazoness Onslaught is a slap on the wrist. Again no Econ is probably bigger impact but even then, I dont think Econ is as gooa in Amazoness as it was in heroes.

Sylvans change the most. I think the idea of Sylvan Komushroomo and Sylvan Marshalleaf popping a whole board is still powerful, as well as Komushroomo popping backrow while Rose Lover turbos out bosses. Will definitely have to look for new playstyles (Amarylease, Sylvan Lotuswain, etc)

Massivemorph to 1 means that stall has much less lockdown the way they are now. May need to play Floodgate Trap Hole again. Also means you cant Extra, Extra the massive.

Thoughts on the Skill Changes

Kaki says:

Skill changes are so good they killed every Burn/Stall skill and I am not a big Fan of this Decks they just delaying Events and waste my time. Balance, Duel, standby!, Grit and Restart were the only good skills in the Meta with this Changes we will see more Field Spell skills and over all more different skill in the Meta.

All Day says:

This is so good! Grit now literally going to a 4K or bust scenario, doesn’t “kill” it but makes the helmet unplayable pretty much, and the boost to army and tomb give hope to possible new decks. And cannot forget the new to the 3 stall decks and skills, finally stall will take the hit needed….. …….. or did it 😲

MiguelJoker says:

Its good for the game just missing some more archytipe skills,

Whybona says:

The skill changes are all positive. The hit on Grit is perfect, the limit of once per duel on the burn/stall related skills are perfect to stop them being so exploitable and the hit on Duel, standby! making any future FTK decks hurt before they even become a thing is incredibly positive. The buffs given to skills like Sealed Tombs and Posthumous Army are also very interesting and could serve as some interesting anti meta options in the future.

Kayoh says:

{Duel, standby! - Deserved nerf. This skill is mostly popular with cancer ftk decks like silent magician so it definitely needed to be dealt with. Still usable in a deck like mill though.

Restart - went from the most used skill to competitively unplayable. Hurts Spellbooks the most, but Spellbooks are already powerful enough that I’m sure they will be able to adapt to a new skill. Overall, I don’t mind this nerf, ppl got out their broken combos too consistently.

Grit - got hit pretty hard as the skill won’t activate if you receive any dmg the prior turn. Definitely a deserved nerf, get the hell out of the meta pls.

Ojama Go!/Destiny Draw/Extra, Extra - not much to say, a heavy and deserved hit on stall decks.

kwrowe says:

Hugely important that some of the skills were balanced because nearly every deck was just using restart or grit in the RRQ. This took most of the fun out of one of the best aspects of the game.

Restart - Not completely unplayable in decks that really need a strong opening but severely hampered. SB might continue with this and take the one card hit. For Amazoness and Masked Heroes it is probably not that easy, they will have to find other skills.

Duel, standby!/ Extra, Extra/ Destiny Draw - Bye bye Cancer!

Grit - This was the change everyone has been begging for. Still does what it sets out to do in stopping early OTK but luck is no longer a real factor and the skill has taken a hit. This further diminished Sylvans power.

Balance - 20 card decks now have to follow a 8-6-6 ratio to use this skill. Not all decks can do this, and even those that can are now limited by their card pool. Expert Geargia and maybe Aliens to adapt best to this. However, I do not expect Aliens to settle with this strategy because it makes playing 2 Alien Overlord impossible.

Sealed Tombs - A great anti-meta skill that can be utilised by control decks to shut down Spellbooks. Expect some use of this skill by Amazoness players.

Posthumous Army - This might see some play in Zombie decks especially because of Il Blud and Paladin of the Cursed Dragon. Also hurts Spellbooks as a deck.

AndyTsang says:

Restart: I think this skill is still useable but may take some time for card combos to be broken enough to warrant using it.

Balance: Basically just making it less abuseable.

Destiny Draw: Basically just making it less abuseable.

Extra, Extra: Basically just making it less abuseable.

Sealed Tombs: I think this is a great antimeta skill and may be used by various decks that are not skill reliant.

Posthumous Army: Same as with Sealed Tombs, but the 1k life means the deck also needs to synergize with Cosmic Cyclone.

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