Box Review: Clash of Wings

This is the 12th Mini Box and was released on June 19, 2018.

Card List

Ultra Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Alector,%20Sovereign%20of%20Birds
Duel Links Card: Widespread%20Ruin

Super Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Beat,%20Bladesman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Megaraptor
Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Blackfalcon
Duel Links Card: Blowback%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Silent%20Psychic%20Wizard
Duel Links Card: Wind-Up%20Juggler
Duel Links Card: Mistaken%20Accusation
Duel Links Card: W%20Nebula%20Meteorite

Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Donpa,%20Marksman%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Recon,%20Scout%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Seal,%20Strategist%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Dyna,%20Hero%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Wiz,%20Sage%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Worm%20King
Duel Links Card: Worm%20Victory
Duel Links Card: Worm%20Warlord
Duel Links Card: Wind-Up%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Wind-Up%20Bat
Duel Links Card: Gatling%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Mayhem%20Fur%20Hire
Duel Links Card: Aerial%20Recharge
Duel Links Card: Sonic%20Boom

Normal Cards

Duel Links Card: Mecha%20Phantom%20Beast%20Kalgriffin
Duel Links Card: Worm%20Hope
Duel Links Card: Worm%20Gulse
Duel Links Card: Worm%20Rakuyeh
Duel Links Card: Worm%20Prince
Duel Links Card: Psi-Beast
Duel Links Card: Stinging%20Swordsman
Duel Links Card: Scramble!!%20Scramble!!
Duel Links Card: Vertical%20Landing
Duel Links Card: Recycle
Duel Links Card: Do%20a%20Barrel%20Roll
Duel Links Card: Training%20Fur%20Hire,%20Fur%20All%20Your%20Training%20Needs
Duel Links Card: Armored%20Glass
Duel Links Card: World%20Suppression
Duel Links Card: Supernatural%20Regeneration
Duel Links Card: Psychic%20Soul

Top Player Council Thoughts

“What are your first impressions of Fur Hires?”

superforms says:

A true new top-tier deck. Really good at spamming the board with monsters and disrupting your opponent’s field. Between Donpa and Recon you can destroy any card your opponent controls, Wiz can negate spells/traps while fueling the graveyard for Mayhem Fur Hire / Powerful Rebirth (in particular, negating Fate every turn), and Dyna, Hero Fur Hire is a strong beater that can even lock your opponent out of attacking if you get two of them on the field.

Main weaknesses include any kind of disruption to the initial monster since the special summoning effects are all Ignition effects. Things like Floodgate Trap Hole, Paleozoic Canadia, Spellbook of Fate (may be countered by Fur Hires using Sealed Tombs), Divine Wrath, etc. On turn 2 after there’s already a full Fur Hire board, Special Hurricane can help wipe them out. Because Donpa and Recon are both Level 2, Beast, WIND monsters, things like Poisonous Winds and Over Capacity also work as more niche counters.

Possible techs, other than the obvious like Enemy Controller, could include Fenghuang (to clear up monster zone space), The Big Cattle Drive (drawing up to 2 cards if you have Donpa/Recon + Dyna), and Behemoth the King of All Animals (for further monster recycling).

AndyTsang says:

I think this will be a new top tier deck. I am not too familiar with them because they are also new in tcg, but from what i have seen and tried, they are extremely fast at swarming. I can see the deck utilizing Sealed Tombs for 1 turn free from fate.

Whybona says:

They have a lot of potential with seemingly a consistent engine and powerful effects. The one issue I see with them is whether they will be able to consistently recycle their effects over and over as their board is going to get clogged very quickly.

Whilipino says:

Fur Hires seem like they will definitely be a tier deck. Easy swarming, and can definitely fit in Sealed Tombs to establish a board vs books

“What are your first impressions on the new Worm support?”

superforms says:

Definite potential. W Nebula Meteorite looks like a pretty insane card, activating the Worm flip effects (like Apocalypse, Cartaros, and Opera), drawing multiple cards, resetting the Worms for more flip effects, and summoning a Worm King or Worm Victory from your deck. Worm King also has a nice effect, similar to Golden Flying Fish. This deck may or may not be built still using Ananta, but W Nebula alone makes the deck worth taking seriously.

AndyTsang says:

The trap is good, but in a meta with spellbooks, any type of turn 2 deck will not cut it.

Whybona says:

Not enough to bring them into the meta.

Whilipino says:

Nebula is insane, but the existence of books in this game will be the sole reason this deck won’t succeed in tournaments

“What are your thoughts on the new Mecha Phantom Beast support?”

Supeforms says:

Future potential at best. We have no real ways to use the Mecha Tokens right now, outside of Do a Barrel Roll. Aerial Recharge is a nice way to generate tokens with Megaraptor, but it feels like your frontrow will quickly get clogged without reliable ways of using the tokens.

Someone (definitely not Gunsblazing) will try to create a Last Gamble OTK deck with Sonic Boom.

AndyTsang says:


Whybona says:

They have some interesting new cards and seemingly a more fleshed out core to the deck now. Their protection from battle and card effects is kind of outdated now however since amazons and spellbooks, two of the current best decks, use other methods of removal. I’m not sure this deck will have enough to compete.

Whilipino says:

Trash. YouTube deck at best

“What are your thoughts on the new Psychic support?”

superforms says:

Not much to it. Some bad Life Point regeneration cards, and a slow floater in Silent Psychic Wizard.

AndyTsang says:

maybe future potential!

Whybona says:

I’ve been waiting for Silent Psychic Wizard since December time since it’s the card which psychics have been missing since they fell off around the time of Cyber Angels being introduced. I will be trying my hardest to make the deck competitive but unfortunately it has been introduced in a meta of banishing which significantly hurts many of the psychic cards so I don’t know if it will be enough.

Whilipino says:

Not relevant enough but the support is cool

“Are there any other cards that you expect to have a significant influence on the current meta?”

superforms says:

Widespread Ruin is an incredibly strong defensive card against decks like Masked HEROs and the new Silent Magician Spellbooks.

Mistaken Accusation seems like a really powerful lockdown card; chaining it to Spellbook of Fate one time locks your opponent out of Fate for the rest of the duel.

AndyTsang says:

Widespread Ruin has potential, but may have come too late. Mistaken Accusation may be a good side deck card.

Whybona says:

Widespread Ruin is a very strong trap which almost any deck could use, it will be competing with treacherous trap hole so may only see more use in decks which already use multiple traps and can’t effectively use tth. Mistaken Accusation also has potential to be seen in side decks being able to stop the use of cards like spellbook of fate if the conditions are met, which is much easier to do going first (rip, still no choice of first and second).

Whilipino says:

Widespread Ruin might become the next staple trap since non targeting removal is good

“Which cards have significant future potential?”

superforms says:

Alector, Sovereign of Birds has future potential as an anti-lockdown card. It doesn’t really fit in Spellbooks, but you could imagine something similar to the Zombie World lock on Spellbooks, where Fate access is turned off. Summoning Alector allowes you to shut down Zombie World for a turn and then Fate it away.

Whilipino says:

I probably overlooked something but nothing I can see

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