Geargias Breakdown


The Geargia deck revolves around monsters which can flip themselves face-down and have very powerful non-targeting destruction effects when flipped face-up. Since all the monsters are Machine type, the deck has access to a wide range of tech options. The most relevant being Pulse Mines which is arguably the strongest defensive backrow card in the game. Geargiattacker destroys ppell and trap cards while Geargianchor destroys monsters.

Deck Statistics

Because this deck has been out of the meta for a while, we do not have enough statistics on the deck to generate an up-to-date breakdown. See below for the most recent available decklists.

Extra Information

  • Due to the wording of Geargiattacker, it can miss the timing to use its effect in situations where Desert Sunlight or Ghostick Scare are not Chain Link 1.
  • You cannot flip up a Geargia the turn it is summoned. Therefore, it is good to use Powerful Rebirth in the End Phase so that you can “flip-flop” your monsters on your turn.
  • Geargiattacker and Geargianchor do not target. Therefore, your opponent must chain cards to these effects before you choose what to destroy.
  • It is almost always better to activate the effect of Geargiattacker before Geargianchor to force the use of, or destroy, backrow cards including Amazoness Onslaught/Powerful Rebirth. Then you can destroy the monster summoned by their effects with Geargianchor.
  • When Desert Sunlight is activated, the order in which effects activate is from left to right on your board so it is important to place monsters correctly so that Anchor actives before Attacker to play around Divine Wrath and Ultimate Providence.


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