This is just a minor Tier List update, as the Meta has more or less stabilized since the banlist. The usual suspects (Crystrons, Elementsabers, Masked HEROs, Shiranui, and Dark Magician) still make up the majority of the Meta, with everything else still showing up to compete but not at the same centralizing rate. With a new Mini Box on the horizon, and Yugi Muto (DSOD) bringing two Loading... , the Top Player Council is eagerly awaiting a shake-up to the system.

Tier 1


Two weeks have passed since the banlist dropped, and it seems like the meta has settled down once again, every deck found their preferred build and matchups. It looks like the hits and Skill changes cant stop Crystrons, as they are dominating the meta once again. With their diverse toolbox, they can play trough heavy backrow and survive fast OTK pushes at the same time. The most successful version of the deck uses Loading... and Loading... to put high pressure on the opponent, while still having the regular Crystron plays to stall long enough till they can establish the SSA lockdown. Multiple decks have no access to Loading... , and cant break the lockdown, and need to find alternative ways to deal with SSA Crystrons.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Masked HEROs, while still incredibly powerful, have been demoted to Tier 2. Some matchups, such as the Crystron and Elementsaber matchups, are not easy at all. Masked HEROs do have a lot of flexibility with their skills, and something like Loading... and Sealed Tombs can definitely help minimize some of these issues, but regardless, they are still tough matchups. It also does not help how they have so much trouble when going first against aggressive decks like Blackwings (a tier 1 deck shouldn't have so many coin flip matches). Nonetheless, Masked HEROs should definitely continue performing well in tournaments, and the addition of the new Structure Deck card Loading... (accessed through Loading... ) should be a nice minor boost for Masked HEROs.

Tier 3


The rising popularity of OTK decks like Blackwings and HEROs gave a huge boost to Cyber Dragons as well. In the current meta they don't just function as a secondary Dark Magician counter, they have positive matchups against HEROs and Blackwings too. They have the tools to set up Turn 1 disruption with Loading... , that can not be dodged with Loading... due to its non-targeting nature, which also totally disrupts Blackwing plays. However, the deck still has its weaknesses, mostly the lack of consistency holds them back from moving up on the Tier List, and also their worst matchup is the Tier 1 Crystrons. If they can find a way to match Crystrons, they're gonna have a good time in this current meta.

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