Blackwings Deck Breakdown


Blackwings are an aggressive Synchro beatdown deck that loves going second, able to pump out multiple Synchro monsters in a single turn and OTK. Loading... is the main facilitator and searches for additional Blackwing monsters that can be special summoned. Loading... is a Whirlwind searcher and extra normal summon wrapped together that can produce 2 Synchro monsters just by itself. Harpies' Hunting Ground is a common skill of choice, increasing the range of monsters accessible from Whirlwind and allowing for Turn 1 Loading... plays into Loading... or Loading... . Finally, because traps like Loading... and Loading... are problematic for Synchro summoning, some kind of backrow removal (Loading... , Loading... , etc.) is typically standard in the deck.

Deck Statistics

Meta Pro
Tournaments only
Average size: 20 cards

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Sample Deck

May 2024 Win Streak May 22nd, 2024
Gems 58k
20 cards

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