Ritual Beasts Deck Breakdown


Ritual Beasts are a combo-oriented deck focused on continuous searching and floating effects. The deck starts with getting Ritual Beast Tamers and Spiritual Beasts on the field together (often facilitated by Loading... ) and contact fusing into Loading... to begin searching for additional monsters or recovery cards like Loading... . The fusion monsters can then tag out into two new monsters, allowing Ritual Beasts to play freely through common disruptive traps like Loading... and Loading... . The only limitation to the deck's plays is that each monster can only be special summoned once, so the tag outs have to be planned carefully. Because the deck’s offensive ceiling caps out with Loading... ’s 2600 ATK and targeting Loading... bounces, additional finishers like Loading... and Loading... are often used.

Deck Statistics

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This deck is not used enough in tournaments to generate a separate tournament-only breakdown.

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