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Notes by superforms:

  • Sylvans absolutely dominated the tournament scene this week, winning Duel Links Open #5 and Duel Links Pro Tournament 15 with both finals being mirror matches. They were unanimously placed in Tier 1 and will undeniably warp the meta around their presence, increasing the value of cards like Loading... and Loading... , and improving the viability of decks like Cyber Angels and Archfiends.

  • Sea Stealth Attack remained a strong deck with representation and results to justify its Tier 1 standing. Loading... is still an excellent counter to Sylvans, although the effect negation traps can give Sea Stealth Attack some trouble.

  • Red-Eyes Zombies started to fall off this week, in large part due to a very poor match-up with Sylvans. Red-Eyes Zombies' monsters have trouble swinging over Sylvans and Loading... is almost completely ineffective against them.

  • Aliens have similarly fallen off thanks to a poor Sylvan match-up. However because Cyber Angels has risen in response to Sylvans’ dominance, Aliens will remain relevant in competitive events.

  • Cyber Angels are back on the rise with a very strong match-up against Sylvans. Effect negation (from Loading... and/or Loading... ) is certainly disruptive against Cyber Angels, but they are nonetheless a strong counter-pick against the Sylvan and Sea Stealth Attack meta.

  • Fishes, Dinos, Destiny Heroes (fusion variant), and Magnets Warriors have all remained in place, performing as well as expected for decks in their tier. Fishes can disrupt Sylvans early, Dinos have begun packing Loading... , Destiny Heroes have Loading... access (which is annoying for Sylvans to deal with), and Magnet Warriors can still overwhelm their opponent on turn 3-4. These will remain relevant in competitive events, albeit with little representation.

  • Gladiator Beasts and Hazy Flame have both been removed from the tier list. Gladiator Beasts struggle with Sylvans and have not performed well in recent events. Hazy Flame has a good match-up with Sylvans but widespread effect negation makes it extremely risky to run Hazy Flame in a competitive event. Consequently, Hazy Flame has also not performed well in recent events.

  • Archfiends have been placed into High Potential. Although not a new deck, the Top Player Council believes that this deck type has significant potential to impact the current meta and hit the tier list in the next couple weeks.

  • This week we have the Meta Weekly on 3/27, the Duel Links Pro Weekly on 3/29, the Jayrabian Cup IV on 3/31, and the Duel Links Challenger Series (DLCS) 11 on 4/1. Expect the results in these tournaments to have a strong effect on the tier list.

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