Luke Tyler

The meta remains relatively the same - the competitive scene in tournaments is reflective of how there has not been many shifts with the well-performing decks of the format, despite there being so many. We see a few new and returning deck concepts arise in tournament environments that tend to go quite far, but their small representations and inconsistent success are inklings that promoting them to Tiered-status would not be the correct move - hence as to why we see no decks added to the Tier List this week.

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Autumn Leaf

Despite Darklords having a good match up against Crystrons and Elementsabers pre-banlist, they have struggled against heavy backrow as a result of replacing Loading... and backrow removal for the Lightsworn engine.


Even though Darklords started really strong this format with the help of the Lightsworn engine they get worse results as the weeks went on due to other decks getting optimized and adapted to their new playstyle. The hits to Compensation and Loading... were too much but Loading... is still such a good card to keep them on the Tier List.

Luke Tyler

Despite remaining in meta-relevancy, Darklord faces demotion as a result of a decline in its success amongst the tournament scene. One reason for this is the deck's vulnerability to backrow, due to the Lightsworn engine taking up slots that would otherwise be conserved for tech options such as Loading... . Despite the deck successfully re-surfacing after a hit to Loading... , Darklord is no longer the elephant in the room - though it is a great contender nonetheless with Loading... being an incredible engine card.