Darklords Deck Breakdown


Darklords are a versatile deck of high-level monsters, many of which share the effect to copy the effects of Darklord spell/trap cards in the grave as quick-effects. Most of the Darklord monsters are summoned with Loading... , which can then be copied by the monster summoned to summon another. The most disruptive effect in the deck comes from Loading... , fueling Darklords' LP while providing multiple monster effect negations. Loading... is a completely generic in-archetype searcher that can be copied, providing incredible consistency in accessing any cards needed to get started (like Loading... ), for protection (like Loading... ), or for spot monster removal (like Loading... ). Because Darklords lack inherent ways to deal with backrow, they can struggle with strong battle traps and any floodgates that keep them from using their effects.

Deck Statistics

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Sample Deck

Feb 2022 KoG February 7th, 2022

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