This is the first Tier List for your new Top Player Council.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


With the addition of Witchcrafters to the Tier List, Crystrons get an another tough matchup. The deck has to adapt, since the negating effect of Loading... is a very effective counter to the deck. The recent lists tried to adapt with the addition of spot removal traps, such as Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and negations like Loading... and Loading... , but these traps only helping if you can followup up with an OTK play, since Witchcrafters have really good recovery. An another possible counter to Witchcrafters is Loading... , which is easily searchable with the Loading... Skill. Plasma negates the whole Witchcrafter board, and by equipping Verre it goes up to 2400 ATK, which is a big threshold in the matchup, since they have no generic way to run over Plasma. Crystrons have the tools to adapt to the new rival decks, which is the main reason why the deck stays Tier 1, but important to note, that the gap between Crystrons and the better Tier 2 decks (Shiranui, Blackwings) was never this small.

Tier 2

Tier 3

TPC Comments


Invoked Neos is back on the Tier List! Having access to powerful counter traps like Loading... / Loading... and Loading... makes this deck a nightmare to play against for combo decks. Despite that it doesn't perform as well against decks that don't rely on monster effects / monster-heavy boards, so for now, it's going to stay at Tier 3.


Ritual Beasts are still a good choice in this meta, with the Shadow Game Skill and techs like Loading... and Loading... this deck became really good vs Crystrons. The Deck has great OTK potential and massive card advantage if you manage to draw your combo in the early game. I think the real problem of the deck is bricking, so aside from a big brain, you are gonna need good luck to have success with Ritual Beasts (or if you're feeling really unlucky you can even play the Restart Skill).

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