This is the first Tier List for this new Top Player Council. They will be updating the Tier Lists for the next three months.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


The recent competetive tournaments proved once again that Darklords are still the best deck. With Counter Trap Desperado in decline due to Invoked Neos they have less anti-meta decks to fear and more tournament top results are expected.

With the Invoked Engine Neos made a comeback and had a lot of top results in tournaments last week. Specially Desperado is a great matchup. Loading... vs Loading... + Loading... is the question currently up in the air for this deck.


Competitive events have proven once again that Darklords are the best deck in the format. Insane draw power, easy swarming and having multiple negates/disruptions per turn makes it so other decks can't keep up with them even though every other deck is teching heavily against them.


Darklords still dominate the format not only because of their ability to quickly produce big monsters, but because of the capability of Loading... to remove fortified bodies. The combination of Loading... 's non-targeting monster effect negation and Darklord Desire’s non-destroying removal allows Darklord players to give little concern about the rise of Loading... , whose presence promises to force other decks to adapt around it or become left behind. Furthermore, Darklord has the unrivaled capacity to counter whichever deck it puts its mind to by sacrificing Beatdown for Destiny Draw as its Skill of choice, given the nature of its built-in LP manipulation. The power to deny opponents many of their outs by easily accessing the appropriate countermeasure in the form of Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , etc. is what adds to the challenge of dethroning Darklord. Lastly if all else fails, Sanctified means the Darklord player is far favored to just win by deckout. Many may at least find solace in the now more easily accessible disruption card, Loading... , thanks to the launch of DSOD, although so far no noticeably consistent disturbance to Darklords’ performance has been observed to warrant lowering them from Tier 1 standing

Neos has newfound consistency with the EX-exclusive Loading... card. Keeper’s powerful two-part effect of pitching anything to search Loading... and pulling an Loading... out of the grave not only means that running 2 (or even 1) vanilla Neos can still make use of all 3 Loading... , but it also means the Neos player can have a 3-monster swarm by milling an Loading... to flip up a revived vanilla Neos, which can then be given teeth by Beatdown . Synergy with Loading... and various Water techs such as Loading... to make Loading... only make the deck a more uphill battle for opponents, but the distinction of Tier 1 mainly comes from the patches Keeper makes to the deck, since Neos can afford to stray away from Invoked to fill the deck, e.g. Counter Traps.


Darklords are the best deck of the format, having winning matchups vs almost every deck just by running with its engine, and I believe it is the deck to beat, so run cards counter it. It's currently Tier 1 and will to stay there until the time a banlist comes up.


Over the past week, Darklords have continued to perform consistently in tourneys. The emergence of Invoked in the meta has had little effect on Darklords, whilst they benefit from the reduced amount of Counter Trap Desperado as a result of Loading... .

Invoked Neos is looking to be the best deck to come out of the new box. Whilst early builds were electing to run Loading... , players are starting to transition into cards like Loading... to improve the Darklord matchup.