Neos Deck Breakdown


Neos is an aggressive control deck utilizing strong anti-meta normal summons and techs in combination with Loading... to summon their boss monster Loading... . Neos decks contain a set of 12 – 14 core cards (3x Loading... , 2-3x Loading... ,2-3x Loading... , 2x Neos Fusion, 2x Loading... and 1x Loading... ) in the main deck. The other spaces are filled with various tech cards like Loading... or Loading... and either Level 1-4 monsters with graveyard effects like Loading... to use after the fusion of Brave Neos or Loading... and Loading... to better revive Elemental HERO Neos from the graveyard and gain quicker access to Loading... from the extra deck. A Neos Extra Deck contains the Neos boss monster, Brave Neos, usually twice. Masked HERO Koga (2-3x) and additional Neos fusion monsters fill the other spaces. See examples for Neos decks below. Neos decks excel in preserving their board by using Loading... 's graveyard effect to protect Neos Fusion summoned monsters. Brave Neos´ effect searches for another Loading... or Loading... after destroying an opponent’s monster. This provides the ability for follow-up plays and keeps the pressure upon the opponent, who must also always be prepared for the summon of attribute specific Elemental HERO fusion monsters due to Masked Heros quick effect to maintain board presence.

Deck Statistics

We currently do not have enough data on recent, legal ways to play this deck to generate a detailed breakdown. See below for the latest available decklists.

Sample Deck

Jul 2021 KoG July 14th, 2021
Alex | Aurum | Letus

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