During the past week the meta started to settle down, so we have a better picture of the format. Right now the meta is dominated by the Machine decks (Karakuri and Crystrons), and by the different versions of Shiranui. Most of these decks heavily reliant on their grave effects, so Loading... can be a key counter card for the upcoming weeks.

Tier 1

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Not much has changed regarding Karakuri: the deck still makes a very oppresive Turn board and still can OTK going second. Players are starting to use Loading... to negate powerful board wipes like Loading... and Loading... , making the deck a bit less vulnerable to such powerful cards.


More and more people are starting to pick up on how strong Combo Shiranui actually is. The deck can be very explosive early and also have an out to almost any situation, whilst also preventing or at least slowing down the opponent's combos with Loading... and Loading... . Katon is especially strong against graveyard heavy reliant decks like Control Shiranui and Crystrons. Combo Shiranui itself isn't damaged by Karon as much because most of them run 2 Loading... to recover banished resources. And non-targeting monster banishing in Loading... hurts Witchcrafter (because Loading... can never successfully negate the banish effect) and Invoked decks who try to sit on Loading... . The biggest struggle this deck faces are the fast decks, like Blackwings and HEROs, that can end the duel in 1 turn. That's why some players started maining Loading... , which completely ruins their board after they try to swarm it. This deck will continue to rise in popularity as more and more players figure out how to properly play it.


The combo version of Shiranui was promoted to Tier 1 last week and stays Tier 1 for good reasons. After its strong showing in the MCS, more players have started preferring this version over the backrow-reliant one with a lot more success in Top Cuts. Although the latest banlist removed its biggest blowout card Loading... , it still makes similar plays to the old 30-card version by using Loading... and Loading... to gain graveyard resources while also setting up boards to easily disrupt plays during their opponent's turn. However, whenever graveyard-based decks become more popular, techs like Loading... and Sealed Tombs will rise in popularity.

Tier 2

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During the second week of the post-banlist meta, things got a bit more clear, especially in Side Deck events. People are now well-prepared for any type of Machine deck and 3 Loading... is a staple in everyone's Side Deck. Due to that and the surprise factor of reappearing being gone Crystrons got demoted to Tier 2 as people are ready for them now.

For the moment, Witchcrafters are keeping their Tier 2 position, even though their results have been terrible latly. We are still waiting on the optimized Witchcrafter list, perhaps the implementation of the Skill changes to Show of Nightmare will do something for that. Don't be suprised if this deck gets demoted in the future if the results stay this terrible.