Karakuri Deck Breakdown


Karakuri is an extremely fast Synchro-swarm deck with a mechanic centered around changing monster positions. Loading... helps draw through your deck and is facilitated by Loading... and the boss monster, Loading... . The main support monsters are Loading... , a Tuner which allows a second summon; Loading... , which searches any Karakuri card; and Loading... , which floats into other Karakuri monsters. Because of the speed at which Karakuri draws through the deck, high-impact tech cards like Loading... and Loading... support the deck's ability to OTK and are often used.

Deck Statistics

We currently do not have enough data on recent, legal ways to play this deck to generate a detailed breakdown. See below for the latest available decklists.

Sample Deck

Mar 2022 KoG March 30th, 2022

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