Tier 1


As the skill changes are now fully implemented, Heavy Starter has risen up as a viable skill for Crystrons. With an increased chance to open Loading... , the Heavy Starter build has the advantage of having plays more often while giving up some of the power presented in the Loading... version. The Heavy Starter variant has similarities to the Transcendent Crystals version in seeing Sulf consistently, but I think an implicit nerf of this skill is that there is no free level 3 to target with Loading... ; even if you seen Sulfefnir more reliably, many times you are put in a position where you need to use a Loading... or Loading... in graveyard to summon a Loading... on the opponent's turn. The build has garnered a lot of attention recently, and whether or not this is relevant is yet to be seen.


Hero finally rise to Tier 1. Loading... being limited back to 2 obviously hasn't killed HEROs and Grit wasn’t even your first Skill choice after KCC. HEROs have lost Loading... but we can still run heavy Loading... which helps more against the best deck atm - Crystron, especially when combined with Loading... . This gives you access to a guaranteed Loading... which helps you a lot in Crystron and Elementsaber matchups.

wayne kenoff

HERO jumps to Tier 1 due to its versatility in side formats and its ability to OTK one of the only decks that seems clearly favorable vs the ever oppressive Turn 1 Dark Magician. Its ability to side and deck thin while maintaining fierce offensive pressure is why it's Tier 1.

Tier 2

TPC Comments

wayne kenoff

Blackwings are still a formidable deck and have access to powerful OTKs as well as powerful floodgates such as Loading... . The deck doesnt seem to be able to handle the siding against it and whenever Blackwings rise Elementsabers is there to knock it back down. The good news is the more people go away from Blackwings the stronger it gets for hardcore Blackwing players.

Tier 3