Tier 1


(Transcendent Crystals ) Crystrons are finally Tier 1 once again, as they're a great deck adaptable to a lot of situations with good matchups against almost all meta decks, however they still struggle against No Mortal Can Resist and heavy backrow decks like Shiranui. The Loading... version of this deck is more popoular in Clan Wars or Team Wars than tournaments, because it has great matchup vs specific decks such as Elementsabers or Thunder Dragon, but compared to the TC version it has more troubles against decks that can abuse the Loading... and NMCR combo. The newly D/D/D deck basically can't win against Crystrons thanks to the Loading... set-up wich prevents OTKs and and provides a huge follow-up play.


Crystrons have been promoted to Tier 1 status as this deck has solid matchups across the board. The Transcendent Crystals and Loading... variants have both seen play, but I believe the Transcendent Crystals variant is more well-rounded since it does not have the glaring weakness to Loading... . The SSA variant has stronger matchups against Elementsabers and Thunder Dragons while the TC variant has a slightly better matchup against Dark Magician. Both variants do have a tough time dealing with Shiranui decks because of their ability to use Cosmic Cyclone, No Mortal Can Resist , and heavy backrow.

Tier 2

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After being extremely relevant during KCC the opinions about Masked HEROs were still divergent because it has all the hallmarks of a fragile glass cannon deck in side format, but it has been proving that it's actually a solid deck. It's an explosive deck with enough draw power to have access to your side cards, with some ace cards which can deal with pretty much anything like Loading... and Loading... is a treat for any deck in this meta.

There's no question about the power of Thunder Dragons with the addition of Loading... and Lightsworn engine but the weakness from this deck comes from itself, while it has such a great draw power at the same the mechanic used in this deck mills a lot of cards which can be really problematic to have access to your Side Deck cards


Heroes finally find themselves at Tier 2 because of more consistent tournament use, abusing their very consistent and powerful Loading... combo. HEROs abuse decks that have little to no protection with Loading... and Loading... or simply eliminating backrow threats through the use of Loading...

Tier 3