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Notes by superforms:

  • Sea Stealth Attack has been promoted to Tier 1 after continually doing extremely well in tournaments, even as the meta has adjusted around it. The most up-to-date builds use Mythic Depths as the sole way to get Loading... on the field. These decks do not run Loading... and fall back on Loading... 's and Loading... ’s strong effects in the event Umi is banished.

  • Aliens have been trending downward, although they have remained in Tier 1 this week. Their bad match-ups are getting more popular (Sea Stealth Attack in particular) and new decks like Sylvans can give them a lot of trouble.

  • Red-Eyes Zombies continue to perform like a top-tier deck, with the tournament representation and results to back up their Tier 1 standing.

  • Fishes remain in Tier 2 due to continued success in competitive events. In particular, Jason’s innovative strategy of smokescreen siding into Fishes, more specifically Loading... es, from a semi-standard Loading... deck has given Fishes a unique strength in side-deck formats.

  • Dinos, Magnet Warriors, Cyber Angels, and Hazy Flame have all remained in Tier 3. Dinos, Hazy Flame, and Magnet Warriors all placed in the top 8 in a recent 3K tournament, while Cyber Angels have a new toy in Loading... and match up very well with Sylvans and Sea Stealth Attack.

  • Gladiator Beasts have been demoted to Tier 3. Gladiator Beasts matches up poorly with Sea Stealth Attack and can struggle with Sylvans. Their tournament representation is falling and their results are lacking.

  • Destiny Heroes (fusion variant) have been promoted to Tier 3 after numerous successful performances in various competitive events.

  • Sylvans have remained in High Potential. Opinions on Sylvans were optimistic, although many members wanted them to prove themselves further in tournaments before they are placed on the tier list.

  • Snipe Hunter has been removed from the tier list. This deck has not been seen in recent tournaments and is outclassed by a similar deck in Fishes.

  • This week we had the Meta Weekly on 3/21, the Duel Links Open on 3/23, and the Duel Links Pro Tournament 15 on 3/24. Expect the results of these tournaments to have a strong effect on the tier list.

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