Tier 1





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NOTES by Taaha:

  • Red-Eyes Zombies and Aliens stay in Tier 1. Clear dominance and tops in all tournaments.

  • Gladiator Beasts and Sea Stealth Attack stay at tier 2. Few Gladiator Beasts tops lately and constant Sea Stealth Attack results. Sea Stealth Attack is still becoming more defined in its core as it proves itself as a top tier deck.

  • Fishes has been getting many results lately including first place in All Day Invitational (7 round Swiss -> Single Elim tourney) and first place in last week's Meta Weekly.

  • Cyber Angels stay at Tier 3 due to significant weaknesses to the Tier 1 decks. Maybe Loading... can bring Cyber Angels back to the top?

  • Dinos are still a very powerful deck on paper and have favorable matchups against many of the top tier decks. Although not many representatives of this deck, they still have a solid place in the tier list.

  • Magnet Warriors are demoted to Tier 3. The reasoning for this is that other than MiguelJoker, the deck has nearly no results in tournament. Statistics wise, the deck is the same as Dinos in results and thus it has been moved to Tier 3.

  • Hazy Flame and Snipe Hunter were re-evaluated this week. Hazy Flame has had no representatives in any tournaments since MCS where two players got top 32. The Top Player Council has concluded that the deck is still powerful (although with clear weaknesses) but needs more representation in tournaments to fully evaluate. With more players getting access to Loading... , the deck will improve. Snipe Hunter placed 2nd in Will Cup and thus is still in Tier 3 for now.

  • Destiny Heroes are proving to be a very powerful deck. However, their core is not defined and fully optimal decks are yet to surface. Because of this, we will keep track of two different versions of Destiny Heroes. Dark City Destiny Heroes and Fusion Destiny Heroes.

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