Autumn Leaf

The recent Meta Weekly and MCS saw a variety of tiered and non-tiered decks in Top 32, which exemplifies the diversity of the current meta. While multiple decks have been introduced onto the Tier List, it won't be surprising to see a non-tiered deck top or even win a competitive event.


Thanks to the new banlist and box the metagame is very diverse due to oppressive decks and skills getting nerfed, giving room for other strategies to thrive. Elementsabers, even though they have been nerfed, are still Tier 1, showing that the gap between decks has closed significantly. In the coming weeks the meta is expected to become more defined but as of now plenty of decks have a chance to top.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Crystrons are the biggest winner of the banlist, all of their competition was nerfed along with Sealed Tombs , which stunned them for a turn, allowing for other control decks to capitalize. But now without that it's very hard to outgrind Crystrons if you play control but also really hard to OTK through a Loading... summon in Battle Phase. The deck needs practice but it's expected to perform extremely well in upcoming tournaments.

Elementsabers lost all copies of Loading... and the preferable skill now is Destiny Draw cause for just 500LP more you get to pick any card. Even though the decks need Loading... to close the game (which you see less often) the deck has even more control now that you don’t need to play CC and you replace it with more real traps meaning that you can stall easier for Aleister and also stun your opponent easier without having the awkward hands of CC plus the Invoked engine. The Dark Magician matchup became even harder but DM will be less represented now and that’s a plus for the deck as well.


Crystrons are a very strong choice for this meta. Elementsabers are the only real difficult match up due to all the Loading... -like cards it plays. If this deck combos Turn 1 it is really difficult to outgrind and outresource them

Although Elementsabers seem to have taken a hit from the banlist, they have been doing well in recent tournaments. Losing Loading... just gave them more tech choice. Some lists have been playing Loading... or even Loading... to help meet the new Sorcery Conduit requirement.


Elementsabers still have the strongest and most versatile engine in the game, able to control the pace of the match while having Loading... as a reliable OTK threat.

Tier 2