Considering the meta has recently gone through a massive shake-up, with both a balance update and a brand-new main box, the meta is in a very formative and unstable state. As such, this Tier List is speculative; expect it to get more refined as more data comes in.


The most influential factors from the recent meta update has been the removal of Sealed Tombs and the addition of Lightsworns as an engine. Sealed Tombs was gatekeeping many decks that would otherwise utilize the graveyard, but with a life point restriction this floodgate skill is effectively dead. Crystrons and Darklords would struggle going second into Tombs, but without having to worry about the coinflip both of these decks have a greater opportunity to thrive. I predict the Lightsworn engine is going to play a major role in multiple meta strategies until it likely gets nerfed; Lightsworn milling was designed around 40-60 card decks not 20-30 card decks, and it will certainly be put on display by how many decks will utilize Loading... to mill engine cards.

Tier 1


Even though Sealed Tombs took a nerf that was the only hit to Dark Magician. The deck is still in full power for this upcoming meta.


The only effect the ban list had on Dark Magician was the nerf to Sealed Tombs . Power of Dark seems to be the preferred skill at present as it makes it difficult for Darklords to get over Loading... . Add in the fact that Darklords are cutting Loading... to make space for the Lightsworn engine, this can prove very difficult for Darklords to deal with.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Crystrons rose in popularity because of the Sealed Tombs nerf and Darklord “hit”. The deck was really successful in both tournaments and team wars. Crystrons have the ability to float and almost every monster is a starter card. Loading... and Loading... are powerful Synchros.

Darklords probably took the biggest hit but with the addition of the new Lightsworn engine with Loading... and Loading... gives the deck the Compensation -like mill power, utility in Synchros, and backrow removal with Loading... . Also the Sealed Tombs nerf helped a lot. This deck has even found a new skill in No Mortal Can Resist which is very powerful against some of the meta