The Tier List has more or less stabilized, with the new Main BOX doing little to shift the norm established by existing Top Tier Decks. The inclusion of new Witchcrafter cards with Téa Gardner (DSOD) has kept hope alive for Witchcrafter and with a rumoured Structure Deck on the horizon we're eagerly awaiting either a Banlist or a new Top Tier Deck to shake up the meta.

Disclaimer from Jadehex, TPC Manager

This is the LAST Tier List for this iteration of the Top Player Council. July 2020 marks the beginning of Season 12 and a new Top Player Council, I would personally like to thank this iteration of TPC for their comments, they've been a big help in writing these articles every week - Cheers!

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Luke Tyler

With DSOD Téa comes more support for Witchcrafter in the form of Loading... and Loading... , both of which are useful for the deck (Edel more so). Edel provides the deck with a slightly higher ceiling, allowing for Witchcrafter to play the role of the aggressor earlier in the duel than before. It gives the deck the ability to swarm fields with greater ease. Edel also has a nice revival effect that can definitely come in handy. The card has extra perks in Lightsworn variants, as its revival effect can bring Loading... , Loading... and Loading... back into play.

Loading... has a strong effect in the graveyard, especially when played with a Lightsworn package. Having only three Monster Zones limits the plays that can be done with it - though nevertheless it is a useful card for kickstarting a duel, playing through various forms of disruption and being a recovery option too. Masterpiece can also be used defensively to wall off an aggressive push. Its effect on the field isn't too bad - it can grab extra Witchcrafter Spells for discard fodder or boosting with Loading... , and you can tech cards that you share with your opponent to your hand. For example, after the opponent uses a popular card like Loading... , Masterpiece can add your own to your hand if you play it too. It will be interesting to see how Witchcrafter performs in the upcoming week with its new support, as the deck has a few variations it can take on.