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The current state of the meta is really promising for Dark Magician, as they have favourable matchups against all the new decks. Both Witchcrafter and Evil Eye have a hard time surviving the Dark Magician combo without hard drawing their backrow. The fact that HEROs are getting less and less popular while Shiranui is the most played deck in the past weeks also helps them. The recent builds using new tech cards, such as Loading... to totally stop combo decks, while you can still summon Loading... s with Loading... . Loading... has become another popular tech, as it helps to get rid of threats like Loading... and Loading... permanently, even if they have access to Loading... to deal with Loading... . Both Karma Cut and Loading... have a great synergy with Loading... . They not just acting as removals, but they trigger Magician of Dark Illusion from the hand, and by discarding a Dark Magician as a cost, you can summon it back. Recent builds have even been playing 2 Magician of Dark Illusion to max out on this synergy. The deck still has its counters, like Cyber Dragons and Blackwings, but overall the higher amount of good matchups means Dark Magician is promoted to Tier 2.

Tier 3

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Evil Eye is a new control deck that focuses on using the Equip Spell Loading... to gain powerful effects. Selene can be equipped to a monster like Loading... to protect her from targeting, destruction, and battle. Selene also gives an ATK boost and allows Medusa to banish monsters from the grave which leads to Evil Eye having favorable matchups against decks like Shiranui and Crystrons. Loading... can be searched to have access to monster removal and other utility cards like Loading... can be searched as well. The deck does preform best when it goes first and is able to set up, but it can struggle going second against disruption and it has a tough matchup against a deck like Cyber Dragon which can easily deal with the Equip Spells. This deck does share traits with other Tiered decks since it is consistent and is able to set up a strong Turn 1 play, but we will continue observe how it performs against other meta decks once it is optimized in the upcoming weeks.