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Top Player Council Thoughts

Due to recent changes to the Forbidden/Limited list and changes to new and old skills, the meta has changed significantly. While some old decks have gotten much weaker, there are others which have greatly benefited from the changes and the upcoming 12th Mini Box - Clash of Wings looks to shake up the meta even more.

Tier 1

Spellbooks and Amazoness are the decks which have remained in Tier 1 despite recent changes. Spellbooks weren't directly hit by the update to the Limited list and the introduction of Silent Magician has given them a new way to function in builds with fewer cards which are less reliant on Restart . The Loading... versions still show some success adopting the skill Draw Sense: EARTH placing in the top 4 of Meta Weekly #24 and in the top 8 of Will Cup 3.5 this week. Amazoness were hurt by the Limited list with Loading... being semi limited to 2 which does cause some fragility, but they have still been performing extremely well in tournaments.

TPC comment

Spellbooks and Amazoness still feel like the most oppressive decks after the nerfs.