This Tier List is a brief snapshot between the KCGT Qualifier and the Witch's Sorcery Box. We will be covering the Witch's Sorcery decks next Monday with proper testing.

Luke Tyler

With KCGT preliminary tournament now been and gone, the Tier List returns to being community tournament-reflective. There are two main differences that can make a deck hold more or less value in side-deck format compared to KC Cup format - one being how a deck functions differently with side deck and less surprise factor, the other being that the ability to accumulate fast wins doesn't matter as much in tournaments.

The new box decks have not yet been voted on - because at the time of the TPC voting for the tier list, the new box has not yet released in-game. It would be more suitable to wait for that before voting on the decks’ Tier List placements.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

gift, #1 Global KCGT Qualifier

Crystrons had a great performance in the KC GT, being used by many top players and ultimately winning the event. Several popular KC cup decks such as Cyber Dragon or Dragunity, struggle to a simple Loading... set up and Crystron players were able to secure many easy wins with the popularity of these decks. At the same time, Crystrons are just such a well rounded deck, so even against the more difficult matchups, a good Crystron pilot always had a chance.

Just like prior to the KC GT, Crystrons remain as the sole Tier 1 deck. They are very well rounded and have amazing matchups across the board. However, while not demoted, they will likely not be as dominant as they can be in a KC Cup setting, just due to being very vulnerable to side deck cards. Many side deck boards will have cards like Loading... and Loading... , so matchups a Crystron player may be able to comfortably win in a Bo1 setting will be tougher now.

The new decks from the latest set, Witch's Sorcery, should also give Crystrons some trouble. Although we haven't been able to properly test, Witchcrafter and Evil Eye should have favorable matchups against Crystron. Regardless, Crystrons should remain as a very strong deck and take up several slots in the top cut of tournaments.

Tier 2

Tier 3