With Flames of the Heart's release, the Top Player Council see some potential in Gouki and Mayakashi as competent control-based strategies, but there hasnt been any sweeping meta changes as some would've hoped.

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Elementsabers are doing very well in the past weeks, and as the non-side deck tournaments come with the Grand KC Tournament, their position in the meta is getting even better. They have positive matchups against most aggressive OTK decks, such as Blackwings and HEROs. They also they do really well against the non-Loading... Crystron decks. A new version of the deck is gaining more and more popularity. With the addition of Loading... and a fat 30-card list they have acess to a new win condition: decking out their opponent. This list focuses more on controlling the pace of the game rather than just getting early access to Loading... and putting pressure on the opponent with Loading... . This new list is less affected by Loading... , since they have an alternative win condition with stalling and decking out opponents. Loading... (summoned by Ritual Beast Tamer Winda), when backed up by powerful traps and the boost of Loading... is a very effective wall against most meta decks.

The play style and core build of HEROs hasn't changed much during the previous weeks, but a new skill option in Bring it! has popped up. The Skill is really helping the Crystron matchup, since experienced Crystron players always found a way to play around Sealed Tombs . Bring it! not just allows you to search Loading... , but you can return a card to your deck that you don't want to have in your hand, like a second Loading... or Loading... . Plasma is a huge floodgate card for monster effect heavy decks, and it also allows you to get rid of problematic cards such as Loading... .

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Mayakashi is a new deck that still needs further testing. Loading... allows you to search or send any Mayakashi card from the Deck to GY which provides this deck flexibility. Without limited 2 and 3 card in the engine you can play things like Loading... and Loading... . Mayakashi has ability to make multiple Synchro Summons in 1 turn due to Loading... 's effect. Currently, the main playstyle involves adding Loading... , Loading... and Loading... which allows you to play Loading... and Loading... . With Loading... ’s effect you can send these engine pieces to the GY easily. Due to Synchro spam nature of the primary engine, your Sunsaga will have plenty of resources in ur GY. This deck has a good matchup against OTK decks without much backrow, such as Blackwings and HEROs because of Mayakashi's float-ability into a consistent Sunsaga play next turn. Yuki-Musume can lock your field after you re-summon her from GY, in which case Skills like See You Later! will help.