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Welcome back, Tier 0. (No “!?”, it's for real this time.) Defined as a deck that warps the meta and has little-to-no reliable counters, Tier 0 decks are very rare and usually recognized near their release. For a variety of reasons, Fur Hires were not thought to be quite this strong when they first came out. But with the meta sufficiently settled it’s hard to argue against them as not only the top deck in Duel Links, but an incredibly dominant presence.

Tier 0

Fur Hires have been moved to Tier 0. The swarming, spot removal, negation, and pure power available to a deck with 8-10 combo-starters all make for the first Tier 0 deck since the original Cyber Angels. Combine this with the ability to abuse some of the best spell/trap cards in the game like Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... (not to mention their Quick-Play Monster Reborn!) and you have a deck that was seeing increasing usage rates even after hitting Tier 1. Fur Hires are a deck that you’re either playing or trying to directly counter.