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Top Player Council Thoughts

A new Top Player Council means an all-new Tier List! Or it would mean that, except Fur Hires, Amazoness, and HEROs continue to dominate the competitive scene, Spellbooks have continued to trend downwards, and Aliens and Geargia have hung on as solid rogue decks. Overall, the meta is shaped most significantly by Fur Hires, and each deck's placement on the tier list is heavily influenced by how it can handle itself in the Fur Hire meta.

Tier 1

Amazoness, Fur Hires, and HEROs all remain in Tier 1. Amazoness continue to be incredibly flexible in their techs and skill choice, relying on neither to function as a deck. HEROs can similarly tech well and have transitioned into using Beatdown and occasionally 2x Loading... to steal games with a 5300 ATK Loading... beating over a 1200 ATK Loading... or Loading... . And Fur Hires have centralized the meta, being a relatively straightforward and powerful deck that can pick apart a field and maintain strong control if not sufficiently disrupted.

TPC comment on Amazoness

Amazoness is the best control deck in the game creating those key 1-for-1s through Loading... and depleting Fur Hire and HERO resources. - Yehhey