This is the first Tier List for your new Top Player Council.

Luke Tyler

The newest box “Future Horizon” brought about some strong legacy support - most noticeably Loading... and a handful of Cyber Dragon cards. Both Dark Magician and Cyber Dragon along with Thunder Dragon have a lot of potential, and it will be interesting to see how they perform in competitive tournament environments over the coming week, especially the MCS on Saturday. Loading... is also a very strong side deck card, and it has been influencing the performance of certain decks.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Autumn Leaf

Darklords have been the deck to benefit the most with the addition of Loading... , with the most relevance against Elementsabers, Ritual Beasts and Shiranui as well as protecting a set Loading... from a Loading... on the opponent's turn. Though Darklords have always faced a problem in terms of consistency - sometimes drawing hands that are not even playable.


Darklords are stronger than every other deck (thanks to the new box) however they aren't oppresive and everyone should know how to beat them by now. Don't worry though, even if you don't, Konami-sama will obliterate the deck in the next banlist so don't invest in it.


Darklords are clearly the winners of the new box. Loading... can be used against Elementsabers, Ritual Beasts and Shiranui at the same time, so Darklords can afford to side it against every Tiered deck.


Darklords have the highest ceiling of the meta. With the addition of Loading... , they now have a tech that can shut down other decks for 1 turn, with the dual use of stopping Loading... from hitting Loading... . There only downside is their consistency, which has a kept them from always being Tier 0, but when your deck does the best things who needs consistency?

Luke Tyler

Darklord remains in a prevalent position in the metagame, with the popular skill being Loading... . The deck boasts an arsenal of strong engine cards and hasn't fallen out of relevance ever since the introduction of Loading... into Duel Links. In regards to recent deckbuilding trends, the deck recently received the addition of Loading... to its tech pool - a card from the most recent box “Future Horizon”. Lancea holds a lot of value in matchups across the board; with Darklord in particular the card sees play in most side decks, with many main decking a single copy. In addition, Loading... is able to recur Artifact Lancea to re-use it’s effect. Strong results from Darklord are expected to continue. Cyber Dragons greatly struggle with beating Darklord, so with that deck on the rise Darklord have an additional source of favoured matchups.


Darklords return to being the strongest deck in the format once again. With the addition of Loading... from the latest box, which can shut down a number of decks for a turn and protect your backrow from a Loading... . Particularly useful for Darklords if you want to set Loading... .