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Autumn Leaf

Even though people have been testing the non-Grass versions of Shiranui, the overwhelming advantage from the Loading... mills is usually more difficult for most decks to deal with, especially in non-Side Deck formats.


Shiranui is still one of the most popular and stronger decks of the format. This deck has seen a lot of success in different leagues and tournaments this past week despite players teching to counter it.

Dark Magician was moved to Tier 1 as it's well balanced against most of the meta. Loading... + Loading... alongside cards like Loading... and Loading... make this deck really powerful


The 30-card version of Shiranui using the Spell Specialist Skill continues to perform well and overwhelm decks that are unable to deal with the consistent activation of Loading... . Many decks continue to adapt in order to counter this strategy, which further shows the impact of this deck on the meta and provides more evidence to justify its Tier 1 status.

This is one of the few decks that has the potential to completely counter the 30-card Shiranui strategy by combining the use of Sealed Tombs with Loading... , which can be easily summoned using Loading... . The Dark Magician deck may not be oppressive like most tTer 1 decks usually are, but it does have good matchups against many of the tiered decks and few unfavorable matchups. Konami should strive to release decks that are powerful and balanced like this deck.


Shiranui remain at the top of the food chain, it continuously pluses off of fat Loading... mills, and influences how every other deck in the format is built.

Although its conversion has been rough since its release, Dark Magiian offers consistently stable matchups across the Meta. With the addition of Loading... they bolster a very easy win con vs the explosive Grass Shiranui deck.

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