Luke Tyler

A shift in the meta has occurred again. The 30-card Loading... Shiranui strategy has become the centre of attention - with many decks in the meta countering it through raising their deck counts or through other means; such as Loading... in Dark Magician. From the selection box, Loading... has become quite the staple card amongst many decks - useage of this p2w staple is expected to continue.

Tier 1

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30-card Spell Specialist Shiranui shot up in popularity over the past couple weeks. Loading... with Loading... and a graveyard full of Shiranui monsters gives you such a high ceiling of plays that are too much for most decks to handle. This has caused some decks to even play more than 20 cards to give smaller Grass mills.

Luke Tyler

The Loading... build of Shiranui has now almost completely replaced the backrow build, with the source of its power resonating from Loading... . There are still non-Grass backrow variants in the meta, with a lot of them playing a deck count of around 25 in preparation for playing against its 30-card Grass variant. Using Spell Specialist , Grass Shiranui is able to open the powerful spell card itself in a large amount of games - the community's calculations believe it to be closer to 70/75% than the previous 60%. In order to fully utilise Spell Specialist , builds play 3 Grass and 4 1-of Spells to maximise the chances of opening Grass. Strong performances from Shiranui are expected to continue.


30-card Shiranui has risen in popularity this past week and was the most played deck in the MCS. Opening Loading... gives you access to a multitude of options, particularly if you mill Loading... . The meta has started to mould itself around this deck, with players electing to run over 20 cards to minimise the amount of milling with Grass.


Grass Shiranui takes advantage of both Loading... and the Shiranui monster effects to their fullest. With around a 70% Grass opening, it is difficult for many decks to handle the disruption resulting from Loading... and Loading... as well as the already established power of the Shiranui monsters. Undeniably the most powerful deck, 30-card Grass Shiranui forces every other deck to either adapt or die.


Shiranui is the only Tier 1 deck this format mostly cause of the Skill Spell Specialist providing Loading... close to 70% of your duels which is the core card of the deck. With Grass you can mill your Shiranuis, Loading... and of course your Loading... which can be used to banish Shiranuis giving you the potential of drawing, Special Summoning, and interrupting during both turns. In order for other decks to even compete with 30-card Shiranuis they are forced into running more than 20 cards (for less Grass mills), or main decking side deck cards for it.

Tier 2