Tier 1

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While Noble Knights did not get past Top 8 in the MCS, this deck is still the deck to beat in the format. Resolving Loading... gives the deck a +3 in terms of card advantage, which often leads to an OTK during the next turn which decks in the format still struggle to compete with. While there are cards or decks that can keep the deck in check, those options usually rely on winning the coin flip or having really strong, unlikely hands. On top of that, people have started to experiment a bit with Noble Knights as seen in the MCS. There is a new build with 3 Loading... in the Main Deck, which allows the deck to be able to play through backrow going second to some degree while not sacrificing much in terms of consistency. Additionally, Loading... (which counts as a "Noble Arms" card) provides the deck with ways to play through Loading... and Loading... simply because it can be equipped to any monster while also being searchable with Loading... , giving the deck 4 Equip Spells that work under those floodgates post-side (therefore reducing the options to counter it). However, since there are problems which simply cannot be solved, it stays at Tier 1, contrary to some people's belief that we are in a Tier 0 format.

Tier 2

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Blue-Eyes gets promoted to Tier 2, primarily due to the addition of Loading... , which in tandem with Loading... gives Blue-Eyes a stronger Turn 2.

Blue-Eyes also has a very good draw engine with Loading... , giving them a good chance to see their Side Deck cards quickly.


After a solid showing in the MCS, Desperado is getting promoted to Tier 2. It seems players are adjusting their strategy to counter Blue-Eyes and Noble Knights by adding Loading... to their decks to shut down all LIGHT Monsters from being Special Summoned. It is disgusting how this card just happens to be a DARK Machine, and if your opponent has no way to out to it early you could simply win the game immediately. Desperado's ability to quickly adapt and power to reliably do so are the primary reasons why it sits at Tier 2.

Davide Magri

Thunder Dragons finally did it: they actually won something! Does this make it the best deck? Obviously no, Thunder Dragonss are still gonna draw completely dead once in a while, as it always has. However, we can agree that the deck has the highest ceiling in the game right now, as openings like Loading... paired with Loading... have the possibility of winning in almost any gamestate. Loading... gives the deck enough consistency to cycle through its resources, and potentially ending your turn on Loading... or Loading... can be game-winning in certain matchups.

However, the deck's inconsistencies still prevent it from being promoted. Compared to Noble Knight, Thunder Dragons simply lack the repeatability in their plays (aside from Lupine openings). Sometimes you're just going to have to get lucky with mills, sometimes you're just going to stare at your hand without a single playable card and sometimes you're just going to absolutely demolish your opponent. It's a fun playstyle, but expect to brick a lot if you choose to play this deck.

Tier 3