Noble Knights Deck Breakdown


Noble Knights are a deck that revolve around strong equip spells and monsters that gain effects when equipped. The core monster is Loading... , allowing you to destroy any face-up card when equipped with a “Noble Arms” equip spell, and the core spell is Loading... , giving you Quick-Play access to protective, destructive, and ATK-boosting options from your equip spell toolbox. Because Loading... helps provide consistent Drystan presence, Noble Knight decks have trended towards Balance as a preferred skill with 3x Medraut and 3x Drystan guaranteeing a turn 1 Drystan. Overall, Noble Knights are a strong control deck that can decimate their opponent's field with relative ease. However the deck can struggle if it opens without a way to play on its opponent’s turns and has little comeback potential, so protecting your initial field is of the utmost importance.

Deck Statistics

Meta Pro
Tournaments only
Average size: 28 cards

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Sample Deck

Sep 2023 Win Streak September 9th, 2023
Gems 26.5k + $34
28 cards

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