This Tier List was made with the new Selection Box and the Blue-Eyes Evolution Structure Deck in mind, since they will be releasing later today. With the MCS this weekend, we will have to see how potentially meta-warping cards like Loading... will change the Tier List dynamic.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Even though they struggle going second, I think Noble Knights' sole reign of Tier 1 is well-deserved. They're the closest we've been to a Tier 0 deck in a while due to its near-unbreakable Turn 1 boards and massive advantage that Loading... generates. People have also been including Loading... , Loading... and Loading... in the Side Deck to help the deck's Turn 2 against cards like Loading... and Loading... . Loading... won't be a huge problem for the deck, since its Turn 1 setup will stay the same, and going second it's an interuption you would have faced anyways, only changing the fact that you will sometimes have to use Loading... early or lose your Loading... .

Tier 2

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Invoked Neos remains at Tier 2. The deck gets a Spell-version of Loading... in Loading... but it's so much better than that. Not only is it a Spell, it can also be used on your own monsters, giving it a lot of applications in the Meta. Book of Moon is able to flip down either one of the Noble Knight Xyz Monsters equipped with a Loading... going second so you can use your Battle Phase to put pressure on them, where you would previously have to survive a whole turn against the big Noble Knights toolbox. Of course, it also plays aound Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and other forms of disruption on your monsters (most notably Loading... ), so their effects can go through uninterrupted, while still performing Loading... 's prior functions. This will be a significant boost for the deck, allowing them to compete in the meta.


Last week we put Thunder Dragons at High Potential, as we were unsure of various factors such as overall representation, first week performance, and Top Cut conversion. This week we are confident at putting Thunders at Tier 2. It's actually fascinating how 1 non-archetypal card (Loading... ) changes so much for this deck. Not only does it serve as a way to recover any Thunder Dragon and/or Loading... , but it can also interact with the opponent’s monsters from Field/GY as well, fixing some of bad match-ups for the deck. Unfortunately for the Thunder Dragon fans, this deck has a really poor match up against the Tier 1 deck of the list: Noble Knights. Of course, you can modify the list in order to improve this match up, adding cards like Loading... in Level Duplication strategies or Loading... in Fiend Farewell strategies. It might also struggle against Gouki with their new Field Spell strategies revolving around Loading... and Loading... in combination with their backrow to stop Loading... , the only Main Deck out for Necrovalley. The best list is still being worked on and optimized, and once it's finished - Thunder Dragons will be a force to be reckoned with.

Tier 3