With the current shift to 2-Deck format which will be applied to this upcoming MCS and Meta Weekly, this Tier List was made with this format in mind.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Autumn Leaf

Though there have been disagreements as to the placement of this deck over the last few weeks, the consensus has been that it is a Tier 2 deck in side deck format (particularly because of the existence of Loading... ). However, in non-side deck formats, players are much less inclined to main deck a card that is potentially useless against certain match ups.


Elementsabers have been promoted to Tier 1 this week as the deck has lost an unfavourable matchup with the decline of Darklords and the addition of Loading... already improving the matchup. The transition to 25+ card builds has also hurt Shiranui, who suffer with milling fewer cards than they were used too in prior weeks.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Shiranui dropped to Tier 2 do to the fact that Dark Magician and Elementsabers are built to counter this deck. Dark Magician with Sealed Tombs and Loading... and Invoked Elementabers playing 25+ card decks make it hard to play Grass Shiranui successfully.


The rise of high card count Elementsabers results in another bad matchup for Shiranui in the meta, and with the format shifting to 2 Deck the strengths of Elementsabers have the opportunity to shine. The versatility of Loading... results in a strategy that has a response for anything and is currently the best 1 card starter going first.