Luke Tyler

Now that the KC Cup has concluded, the Tier List has now reverted to being about side deck format. Some results from the KC Cup are having an influence on the tournament scene, but overall there haven't been extreme changes in the metagame - which is what this Tier List is reflective of. Loading... sees itself enter the metagame after its KC Cup performance; it will be intriguing to see if it can meet meta-contender standards in the upcoming week or if it will fall from High Potential.

Tier 1

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Dark Magician was one of the “Go-To” decks during the KC Cup. Obviously very strong. Some players have now started to run Loading... and Loading... which makes the usual combo even scarier. Silent Magician gives the deck a way to protect your Loading... and even stop opposing Circles. And the added pressure from Silent Magician is difficult for most decks to deal with alongside Loading... .

Elementsabers are still Tier 1. Sabers seemed to be the dominant deck during the KC Cup, with Darklords as their only bad match-up. Dark Magician can be troublesome but a lot of new builds have been running 1-2 copies of Loading... which is great in that match-up.

Luke Tyler

Remaining to be the powerful control strategy that it is, there is a variant utilising Loading... and Loading... that performed well in the KC Cup - and is expected to see play in the tournament scene too. Silent Magician is a general threat for a lot of relevant decks and has the coverage of being able to negate Loading... . Strong performances from Dark Magician is expected to continue.

Tier 2

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Although Darklords were a good choice for the KC Cup, the deck still remains as Tier 2. Turn 1 Sealed Tombs , paired up with Loading... is still a combo that shuts down the whole strategy of Darklords. Dark Magician with the addition of Loading... and Loading... become a real problem for Darklords. It's almost impossible to out a Turn 1 Dark Magician combo with Loading... and Loading... paired with Loading... and Sealed Tombs .

Tier 3