Tier 1

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This meta is basically a triangle: Elementsabers counter Blackwings, Blackwings counter Darklords and Darklords counter Elementsabers. Elementsabers are slightly better than the two other decks so that's why Elementsabers stays Tier 1 while the other two stay Tier 2.

wayne kenoff

We continue to see the same three decks dominate the meta in the triangle: Elementsabers, Darklords and Blackwings. Although it is considered a triangle meta, Elementsabers remain on top with a slight edge above the other decks as Darklords seem to struggle countering it more than the other decks in the triangle counter their respective decks.

Tier 2


Darklords may seem like a very strong deck on the surface but its just extremely inconsistent and suffers from a weak Blackwing match-up, both holding it back and making it weaker than Elementsabers.

Tier 3

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Crystrons profit from the fact that Darklords are no longer the best deck in the meta. The deck also has reliable match-ups against some of the current Top Decks.