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Invoked Neos really caught people by surprise in the last MCS, being the best performing deck and winning the whole event. Loading... still remains a solid yet extremely fragile win condition. The addition of Loading... gives the deck an additional line of defense alongside its ability to main deck multiple disruption Traps, unlike other Top Tier decks. The deck has the tools to achieve glory, while being more vulnerable to Side Deck cards like Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and many more. Losing that one copy of Loading... results in having no win condition most of the time, and things may become harsh for Invoked players as players begin to side against it once again (Although some people have started experimenting with Loading... to revive the Invoked Engine post-disruption). The deck gets promoted to Tier 2 for now and, we will see if it will stay that way in the following weeks.


Invoked Neos is making its comeback with the new skill FIRE Reload . It was put to Tier 2 because of its very good matchups all-around and the ability to abuse Loading... to steal games out of nowhere while being able to run the stongest backrow like Loading... with almost Karakuri-level card draw.

It had really good representation in the latest MCS, but mainly due to the fact people didn't expect it. One single Loading... , Loading... or Loading... can completely annihalate the Invoked engine of the deck. However, it's important to note that most of the top Tier Decks like Desperado and Noble Knights don't run CC as of right now, but that could easily change.

Tier 3

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Blackwings get demoted mostly due to the lack of good matchups and the return of "Invoked Decks" to the meta. The Peak Performance version doesn't really counter the current meta since Loading... isn't too strong right now. Additionally, that version of the deck has a somewhat hard time dealing with Desperado, the best deck of the format. The Level Reduction build seems to be the choice for this meta as it has decent matchups against Desperado, Ritual Beasts, Witchcrafter and Blue-Eyes. However, it can't main as many techs as the Peak Performance version, while also being less consistent. As such, Blackwings have been been demoted to Tier 3 status, but it will be interesting to see which build people opt to play going forward and how they will optimize it.


Witchcrafters have been demoted to Tier 3 and this is probably a fair place for now. During the past MCS, only 7 players actually played it and there were 0 players in the Top Cut with it. Regardless, the deck still has a decent matchup spread and will likely continue making some appearances throughout community events.

Among the most played decks, its most difficult matchup is Blackwings and it can hold it's own against others. The problem is simply that techs like Loading... being popular can be very annoying for Witchcrafters to deal with. Karma Cut is a very popular Trap right now and is very good for dealing with Loading... .

Specific matchups, such as the Desperado matchup, while favored, all have their own annoyances and are not easy to play. These decks usually run 3 Karma Cut and cards like Loading... and Loading... can be very annoying as well. The Noble Knight matchup is also interesting, while slightly favored for you, Noble Knights combo going 1st can be very annoying and easily overwhelm you.

The deck has shown some results in community events this past week and it'll be very interesting to see how it performs going forward.