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Top Player Council Thoughts

Tier 1

  • At the end of our second week after the KC Cup, the meta has continued to slowly stabilize and many older decks have finally been removed from the tier list.

  • Masked HEROs and Sylvans dominate the tournament scene, both in overall representation and number of winning decks. The biggest tournament this week, DLPT 16, was won by SelectMaple with HEROs and almost 70% of the tournament was HEROs and Sylvans.

    • TPC comment on Masked Heroes: “The most used deck, and a highly efficient one. Their ability to tech cards and use the side deck without losing consistency is what makes this deck so powerful.”

    • TPC comment on Sylvans: “Sylvans have dropped off slightly with tournament results but their power is still undeniable. The ease with which a player can pick up the deck and instantly do well keeps it in the same tier as HEROs for me.”

Tier 2

  • Archfiends have remained in Tier 2 as they continue to indirectly shape the meta. Punishing slower decks and serving as a good check against the Tier 1 decks, Archfiends have positioned themselves solidly in “third place”, losing mainly to their own inconsistency.

  • Geargias were demoted to Tier 2 after failing to keep up with the other Tier 1 decks. The deck's relative lack of options with any given hand also hurts it in a meta where you often need to play very differently in different match-ups.

    • TPC comment on Archfiends: “Still stays in Tier 2. Though this deck has a favorable match-up against the top-tier decks (Masked HEROs and Sylvans), they lack the consistency to be moved up. Not many tops in tournaments compared to the Tier 1 decks.“

    • TPC comment on Geargias: “Geargias have begun to underperform lately (even with the fix for Loading... ) due to the extremely difficult Sylvan match-up. The deck as it currently stands is also quite linear.”