Only a couple days have passed since the last Tier List, as we went back to Side Deck format. We could see the meta hasn't changed too much, however Dark Magician got a boost in popularity and success, which means heavy backrow decks like Shiranui have to adapt to the meta, or fall back even more. The dominance of Masked HEROs fell back with the return to Side Deck format and the rising popularity of Loading... , but they still have a very oppressive Turn 2 and a high consistency level.They have the potential to move back to higher Tiers if more players pick up the deck. Most of the meta decks are trying to find the balance with their builds, to be able to stop the fast OTK attempts of Masked HEROs and Thunder Dragons with heavy backrow and handtraps, while not losing to a fully set up Turn 1 Dark Magician board. If a deck can find the answer for both, they're going to have a huge advantage in the upcoming weeks.

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Dark Magician still remain at Tier 2 but have been adapting recently in order to really improve some difficult matchups and become a very threatening stun deck in the meta. In the past, Loading... and maybe tech cards like Loading... were the way to go, but now the use of Loading... and Loading... (which is searchable) has gotten very popular. Both World Legacy Clash and Dark Magic Expanded help protect Loading... , and summoning Kycoo with protection on a deck like Thunder Dragon or even Shiranui can be extremely devastating. Normally once Kycoo is summoned against Thunder Dragon, if they have Loading... , they simply use the effect and attack over it, and then pop off the next turn. After this, they are usually able to get back into the game and out grind Dark Magician. However, now with Clash and Dark Magic Expanded, it can be absolutely devastating dealing with Kycoo. This newer build also has several applications in other matchups, including the mirror, as Loading... cannot negate these cards in the damage step. It will be very interesting how Dark Magician continues to do in this meta.


Shiranui drops down to Tier 2 this week, mainly due to the rise of Dark Magician. In this fluctuating meta it could stay in Tier 2 or rise again at a moment's notice

wayne kenoff

Shiranui takes a hit based on the diversity of the meta. The deck is successful due to its small engine and well-rounded tech cards but in a meta this diverse it's hard for the deck to main and side enough cards for every matchup.

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