This is the first Tier List for your new Top Player Council. This is also a KaibaCorp Stage 2 Tier List, focusing on best-of-one ladder format as opposed to the usual Side Deck Format.

Tier 1

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wayne kenoff

The meta leading up to the KCC seems to be taking shape in the form of control decks such as Elementsabers and Shiranui coming out as the most popular decks of the format. They boast getting maximum value out of each monster they play and staying strong defensively with a variety of backrow.


Shiranui is a really safe deck choice, the fact that it has a small engine lets you play a lot of tech cards that give you an advantage in certain matchups.Being able to adapt and change those techs during the KC Cup will be really important.

Elementsabers, despite beign a Tier 1 deck like Shiranui have a different role in the current meta. They have really good matchups against some decks but they also have a really hard matchup in Dark Magician, unlike Shiranui who have decent matchups all around,again, because of their versatility.


This deck has struggled against some specific and popular cards like Loading... s and Loading... s as they easily stopped their Synchro plays, but the new box brought Loading... , which fit really well in the 20-card lists allowing you to unclog your field and do some plays. While there's still problematic stuff like Loading... , No Mortal Can Resist , and Loading... that Shiranui players will have to face this KC Cup, it's still the safest option considering you have enough space to add answers for everything. Considering this is a three-day competition I believe Level Augmentation will be the best option over No Mortal Can Resist , as you can spam Loading... Turn 1 more often which is a huge problem for most of the decks to deal with, costing them a lot of resources and allowing you to control the game.


Elementsabers, along with Shiranui will be played by a majority this KC Cup. Their ability to run numerous backrow and still have a deadly engine is game-changing.

Tier 2

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