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After the 2018 Regional Representative Qualifier, Konami announced a large update to the limited list as well as a large selection of skills that will be rebalanced. The updates are set to go into effect between June 17th and 20th with the next update. They will become mandatory on June 26th. The Top Player Council has reviewed the updates and have responded.

Thoughts on the New Forbidden & Limited List

Kaki says:

Over all pretty good hits but Spellbooks should be on this List with Loading... or Something else aswell.

All Day says:

I am so excited for the future of the meta, the cards they posted will impact a ton of top decks and make people have to be more versatile in their building.

MiguelJoker says:

I agree with everything just should be like 3 Loading... 3 Loading... so people would have to use 1 Loading... and 2 Loading... for example.

Whybona says:

Most of the changes are positive here but I think that some of them were a bit over the top. They have done a good job with hitting Loading... with it being such a huge part of many decks which just try to stop your opponent playing (stall) and hitting cards like Loading... is also positive in decreasing the consistency of OTK decks. However, I think that the other changes weren't as positive. The hit on Sylvans is too harsh as it now imo makes the deck completely unplayable at a top level, I think a more balanced change would have been semi limiting Loading... rather than Loading... . The hit on Amazoness and Masked Heroes are fair but the negative aspect of these changes comes from econ being hit too since now none of the 3 aforementioned decks can run Loading... in conjunction with their main cards. I also don't agree with their reasoning to make these changes which is stated as 'to promote deck diversity', changes to a ban list should be made to balance broken decks and not just promote diversity imo.

Kayoh says:

Massivemorph - Very good news, a crucial stall card limited. Along with the Extra, Extra and Destiny Draw nerf, Stall should become less relevant.

Loading... /Loading... - I didn't see silent magician enough for it to actually bother me, but any hits to cancer decks is a thumbs up in my books.

Loading... - mill isn't relevant in the meta right now but still a welcomed nerf for the future.

Loading... - Long awaited nerf. Hurts Heroes a bit as they won't be able to pack any since Loading... is also semi-limited. Major hit to Sylvans as it has 2 more of its crucial cards semi-limited as well, sylvan players will go back to running counter traps. Won't be playabe in Amazoness decks as Loading... is also semi-limited, and you will need to pack 2 Onslaughts. Overall a good change for the meta imo.

Loading... /Loading... - As much as I'd hate to say it, I think Konami hit Sylvans too hard. It's going from tier 1 to off the tier list. A better balance nerf might have been Loading... instead.