15th June Update

The Card Trader's inventory has been updated with some new additions to his card pool!

Cipher Soldier
Asleep at the Switch

Top Player Council Thoughts


kwrowe says:

A side deck card against Masked Heroes and Amazoness potentially. Saying that, it is questionable whether this card is better than Loading... for that purpose.

All Day says:

Konami's way of trying to put a dent in Amazoness and Masked Heroes. Could be an interesting tech card for a Loading... Masked Heroes deck. 1 hit of this into an Loading... can make a huge dent.

AdoboBoy says:

Huge beater against Warrior archetypes such as Amazoness and Masked Heroes. Decent side deck card, but there are better options like Loading... that don't take up your valuable normal summon.

SelectMaple says:

Good side deck card versus Masked Heroes as well as Amazoness and Noble Knights. Though be careful about Loading... attacking into it along with Loading... being able to remove him.