Noble Knights Breakdown


Noble Knights are a deck that revolve around strong equip spells and monsters that gain effects when equipped. The core monster is Noble Knight Drystan, allowing you to destroy any face-up card when equipped with a “Noble Arms” equip spell, and the core spell is Glory of the Noble Knights, giving you Quick-Play access to protective, destructive, and ATK-boosting options from your equip spell toolbox. Because Noble Knight Medraut helps provide consistent Drystan presence, Noble Knight decks have trended towards Balance as a preferred skill with 3x Medraut and 3x Drystan guaranteeing a turn 1 Drystan. Overall, Noble Knights are a strong control deck that can decimate their opponent’s field with relative ease. However the deck can struggle if it opens without a way to play on its opponent’s turns and has little comeback potential, so protecting your initial field is of the utmost importance.

Deck Statistics

Because this deck has been out of the meta for a while, we do not have enough statistics on the deck to generate an up-to-date breakdown. See below for the most recent available decklists.

Extra Information

  • Using a Destiny on Medraut turn 1 allows you to equip the Destiny to Drystan while keeping your field because you can select Drystan as the target for its own effect and it will be protected by Destiny.
  • If your Medraut/Drystan is hit by Offerings to the Doomed or Treacherous Trap Hole on summon, you can chain Glory to equip Destiny to protect it.
  • The recycling effects of the Noble Arms equips can be abused to use their effects multiple times per turn. Some examples:
  • Destiny protecting from a Destiny HERO attack, then chaining Double Cyclone to their Mask Change to destroy + re-equip Destiny to get another round of protection;
  • Equipping Arfeudutyr to Medraut, using the effect to destroy a set, summoning Drystan off Medraut’s effect, re-equipping Arfeudutyr, and then using its effect a second time.
  • The Noble Arms cards can be equipped to any Warrior, not necessarily your own. You can equip Arfeudutyr to a Amazoness Princess to reduce its attack and destroy a set card before summoning a Noble Knight, using Double Cyclone, and re-equipping to your monster. In the mirror you can also use this to trigger your opponent’s Drystan effects before you commit to the field.
  • Glory does not trigger an attack replay, so using Glory into Gallatin on Medraut is a nice way to pick off an opponent’s attacking monster if you don’t have Drystan.
  • When equipping an equip spell normally, it can be sniped by Cosmic Cyclone before resolving (and equipping). Glory equips the card on resolution and can be used to dodge Cosmic Cyclone if you really need to get Drystan’s effect off in a pinch.


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