Battle Chronicle

Generic Character
During this Duel, you can Normal Summon/Set "Chronicle Magician" or a Normal Monster with 2500 ATK or DEF without Tributing, also you cannot Normal or Special Summon an Effect Monster with a Level, except for Spellcaster-Type LIGHT/DARK monsters of Dragon-Type LIGHT monsters. You can use this once per turn on a turn where "Chronicle Sorceress" or a Level 7 or above monster is Summoned or Fusion Summoned. From your Deck, add 1 "Successor Soul" or Quick-Play Spell Card with "Dark Magician" or "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in the Card name to your hand, and send 1 monster to your Graveyard from your Deck/Extra Deck that isn't an Effect Monster, and that doesn't have a monster of the same name in your field or Graveyard.

Usage Statistics

Blue-Eyes Tier 3
Dark Magician

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