Kite Tenjo

Kite Tenjo
General Information
Worlds: ZEXAL
  • Kite Tenjo requires White keys to duel at the gate
  • You will see Kite's unlock missions upon reaching Stage 6 or above in Duel World (ZEXAL)

Unlock Missions:

  • Reach Stage 6 in (ZEXAL) Duel World. To trigger his unlock missions
  • Achieve 1 Comeback Victory(ies) in Duels against Kite Tenjo at level 30 using Yuma and Astral .
  • Use Rank 4 or higher Xyz Monster Cards 2 time(s) in one Duel against Kite Tenjo using Yuma and Astral .
  • Achieve 1 win(s) with 1000 or less LP left in Duels against Kite Tenjo using Yuma and Astral .
  • Win 1 Duels within 7 turn(s) against Kite Tenjo while playing as Yuma and Astral .
  • Collect 3 LIGHT Attribute Cards.

All Signature Cards Voicelines:

Exclusive Generic
A Cosmic Scourge: Galaxy-Eyes Balance
Galaxy Photon Draw Sense: High-Level
Number Hunt Draw Sense: LIGHT
Ready to Get Defeated? Level Augmentation
Shifting Up Number Recovery
Xyz Galaxy Numbers' Rule
Xyz Hunter Overlay Removal
Drop Rewards
Level-up Rewards

Character Exclusive Decks