Crow Hogan

Crow Hogan
General Information
Worlds: 5D's
  • Crow Hogan requires Black keys to duel at the gate.
  • Crow's unlock missions appear upon defeating the Sector Security standard duelist with a Duel Assessment score of 5,000 or more in Duel World (5D's)

Unlock Missions:

  • Play as Yusei Fudo and win 3 Duels against Crow Hogan at level 30 in Duel World
  • Achieve 3 wins using only 'Winged Beast'-Type Monster Cards in Duel World (5D's) duels
  • Inflict 30000 or more points of effect damage in Duel World (5D's) Duels
Exclusive Generic
Black Wind to the Top Awakening of the Charmers
Blackwing Rising Balance
Mark of the Dragon - Tail Constellar Union
Contract: Fabled
Destiny Draw: Mystical Space Typhoon
Domain of the Gladiator Beasts
Draw Sense: DARK
Draw Sense: High-Level
Draw Sense: Low-Level
Draw Sense: Spell/Trap
Draw Sense: Winged Beast
Fortress Bound to Shadow
LP Boost Beta
LP Boost Gamma
Level 5 Reload
Level Augmentation
Level Duplication
Level Reduction
Light and Dark: Reptile Type
Red-Eyes Undead Reborn
Shadow-Weaving Power
Shiranui Style Successor
Sky Striker Mobilize - Contact
Spell Swap: Fire Formation - Tenki
The Legend of the Heroes
The Stirring Mayakashi
Tunermorph: Normal
lswarm Union
Drop Rewards
Level-up Rewards

Character Exclusive Decks